Art School Confidential

My tutor at Aberystwyth SoA asked me if I could have a go at doing an illustration of the art school for the SoA website.  These are some of the characters I’ve been working on who will be milling around the outside!



To chop or not to chop

Before I started the MA course I actually trained as a painter. That seems like a LONG time ago now! Since I graduated, as it was difficult to paint without a studio I became really obsessed with chopping up bits of coloured paper and making collages, abstract collage and character based collage. It’s what really sparked my interest in print and pattern and gave me the motivation to explore it further, so its probably the main reason I am here today on the MA studying illustration.  I still use a lot of paper cutouts in my work, although now I combine it with digital tools like illustrator and photoshop. Here is one I made recently.  I really like the way the faces are all looking at each other in a sly way, like they all know something the other faces don’t!



A bit of a random post today on my insights into the lives of seagulls! Living in Aberystwyth right on the seafront, I have a prime spectator view of the activities of these monstrous birds! I’ve witnessed them launch aerial assaults on kids to get their fish and chips, poo, just at the right time on peoples heads and arrive in full force like an army at night to get the remains of student kebabs. This is the view from my window, so you can see how close I live to the sea itself, funnily enough no seagulls in sight.


Living by the sea has definitely rubbed off on me. There are a lot of nautical themes running through my work at the moment and seeing these giant birds every single day giving me the stink eye through the window inspired me to make a piece based on them. Here it is!