Print and Pattern Nature

I have finally got my hands on a copy of the Print and Pattern Nature book, which is the newest book in a series of four fantastic offerings from Lawrence King Publishing.


The books are created by Marie Perkins who runs the ever inspiring Print and Pattern Blog – a must read if you are into surface pattern design.  Each book focuses on an area of design such as children’s print design, geometric design and the latest is all based around nature.  Marie introduces a range of artists and illustrators in each book and they are a visual feast for the eyes!


The books, as well as being absolutely beautiful to look at are full of really informative stuff including where you can find more about the artists work, their processes and who inspires them.


This book showcases work which looks a lot more hand drawn in comparison to the more digital graphic work from the last couple of books, but is still a riot of colour – some of my favourite work had to be by Herbert Green (below)!


I would definitely recommend this one, particularly if you are interested in floral print and pattern, it is absolutely full of inspiration!


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